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Best Wireless Earbuds & Music Blog

There have been great strides in the communication sector. Technological advancements have been introduced and one of such is the earphones. There are different versions of it as well as there are different service providers. Every one of them lays claim to being the best on offer.

The Need For It

There is this statement backed by scientific proofs that noise is dangerous to the ear. In fact, it can damage the hearing capacity leading to impaired hearing and in some cases outright deafness. Formerly it was the introduction of earphones with chords which helps insulate the ear from the high pitch noise. The fashion was raised higher with the introduction of the wireless earphones.

The Brand Answers The Question In Part.

A lot has happened in the sector and it is still happening. There are numerous service providers and their products come with differing qualities. If you get the Best Wireless Earbuds; then you may likely get the best benefits from such a model. Click here for the best offers available now:

You may wonder why l used the clause; l will explain. Your handling of the best of these models will determine whether you are going to get the best benefits or not. There will be explanations on that later on as you read along.

We are going to consider some scenarios which will drum home more powerfully the answer to the question above. Some of the opinions are that of the experts while some are from people who have the deep understanding of the topic of discussion.

Exposing Your Ear To Loud Noise

When you expose your ears to loud noise, it will trigger uncontrolled activity in the neurons of the dorsal cochlear nucleus. The potassium channels are responsible for the regulation of excess neuronal activity. Loud noise will prevent this potassium from functioning; hence damage will occur in the ear. The reasoning above is backed with scientific proofs from Dr. Martine Hamann of the University of Leicester in the UK. It is therefore absolutely clear from the scenario painted above that the use of headphones is a two-edged sword; it can be harmful if not put to effective use.

Of Multiple Sclerosis

That is yet another medical terminology whose definition will help clear our understanding of the question of discussion. There is a myelin sheath in the ear. Loud music is capable of destroying this sheath which will lead to issues in the ear. This can only be corrected if the victim stops using the earphone. That is scary, or is that not so? For every invention of science, there are the advantages as well as the disadvantages. When you play your part by following the instructions to the letter; you will save yourself from telling sad stories that touch the heart. read full guide

Loud Noise Is Harmful

Going by what you have read from the preceding paragraphs, it is important to point it out to you that the problem is not with earphones. The issue is loud noise that is allowed to get into your ears through the earphone. And who controls the volume of such noise if l may ask? I agree with your echo of the answer to that question. You are actually responsible for the noise!

Long Period Of Use

You can be assured that if you listen to loud music for long periods of time every day of the week, you are on your way to causing harm to your ear. The situation is not helped today because there are thousands of site where people can download free music. The YouTube channels are not helping matters. People now have access to free music for long hours 24/7.

When you overindulge in anything, you will definitely reap the negative side of the coin. This overindulgence by people is giving earphones a bad name. But truth must be told, there must be discipline on your part if you are to get the best of benefits from these devices.

Young People Favor High Volume

The stats among the young people show that they favor listening to loud music. When they get these devices fixed to their ears; they increase the volume to a high pitch to the detriment of their hearing faculty. They put it on all day and compound the problem by attending concerts where music blaring on high volume is generously dished out. That is where the problem lies.

A Control Measure For The Kids

The point is still very clear, earphones have brought some convenience and benefit to our world of today; our handling of it is where the issue lies. If you are to get an earphone for your kid, then go for the ones that come with a volume control. That way, they cannot go beyond the stipulated limit. You can get some variety of them from this link:

The Three Variables

There are three variables that determine the benefits that you will get from your earphone. Two of them which is the length of use and the volume have been discussed extensively. The factor which we have not talked about is the design of the earphone. This is also a very important factor if you are to get the benefits from your earphone.

There are many designs; you must make sure you know the quality of the model before you place your order. What are people who have previously bought the product saying? What is the credibility of the service provider? With a poor design, you will experience a negative outcome. A poor design will rubbish all that we have said thus far. To be on the safe side, make sure you have the quality on your hands before you hang it over your head or deep it into your earlobes. This link will be of help:


Having come thus far; one can safely conclude that earphones are more beneficial. The harm can only arise when we abuse the use of it. There should be moderation in our use of this device.

For more info; click on this link:

10 Free Music Download Websites

Music plays an important role in our lives. Everybody has preferences; whatever your choice of music, you deserve the very best on offer. Many people desire the best of music in the genre of their choice but they cannot achieve this due to the fact they lack the simple knowledge of how they can go about it.

A lot is happening in the music industry. An attempt will be made through this article to open your eyes to where you can get music at its best. The list that we are presenting below are all free downloads. They represent 10 of the Best Wireless Earbuds. If your desire is to enjoy streaming music without stop, then go through the clues we are presenting below and you will get the best ever that you can think of:


This is number on the list. Whichever way you want the music, you will get it undiluted through this website. Searching for music here is pretty easy. You can search by your favorite artist's name of the genre of music of your choice. A radio option is available that allows you to search for music while you multitask on something else. There is a mix of paid and free contents here; some artists will not allow free download while others do; hence the free mix.

Amazon Music

If you love to download music, then you should go this site because there are tonnes of free download there. There is a free music download section on the web page which is constantly updated with the best music on offer. If you are interested in upgrading, there is the availability of a pretty good streaming service. For the free download; click on this link:

Pure Volume

This site has been around for more than a decade doing what it knows best, dishing out quality music to listeners. It has on display the music of some list of grade A music Acts and they attract an average of about half a million visitors on a monthly basis. There is a community of people on the site from where you can make new friends.

Jamendo Music

Jamendo music has been on the scene for several years now. This is one site that lovers of free downloads will love because there are no limits to what you can download. They are all free downloads. The collections here are all independent. There are lots to download apart from the free radio stations. You will need a music downloader appliance to get you properly organized. You can get it through this link:

 Wynk Music: MP3 & Hindi Songs (App)

The emphasis here is on the best of Indian music. Music is a big industry in India, so if you want the best of Hindu music, you will get it fresh from this site free. It also contains some categories of global mainstream songs that are capable of making your day listening to them. Backed by Airtel, it offers 2.6 million tracks of mostly Indian Music. A huge number of playlists and a full-blown radio station is also available.

MP3 Music Download Hunter (App)

It is relatively new on the terrain. But the saying that it is not how far but how well is true of this free music download site considering the strides their short period of arrival on the scene. Check with the copyright owner before you use any of the music here for commercial purposes. Hunter will help you organize and store them for offline use on your mobile devices.

MP3juices had issues with the police and it was shut down in 2014. Like a cat with nine lives, the site is now back as better and stronger giving out free downloadable music. Their offer of Mp3 Cutter helps filter your download removing white noise on your download. If you have to use this site, then be mindful of legal issues that may arise on account of the music you download here. You will need to go for copyright free songs that will not attract legal issues here:


You will enjoy the best of free music download on this site. Just as it is the case with Amazon, it has a free streaming service that will benefit the lovers of free download if you know how to search for such. You will see the free music download option on the icon of Artists that permits it. The contract of most of the artists prevents them from offering free music downloads. However, you can click on this link for more info:

 My Mixtapez Music (App)

Some listeners cannot do without hip-hop mixtapes.  There are lots of different mixtapes on offer they are not been sued currently. Though the site has not been deemed illegal for now; it may, however, happen at a point in time. If you are currently enjoying the site or you plan to explore it on the strength of what you are reading now, then be prepared for a shock if it gets banned at the end of the day.

Spinrilla (Site+App)

The last but by no means, the least credible of the 10 in consideration is this site in question. This is a perfect combination of a site and an appliance. It has more than 5 million downloads. This site is a perfect setting for hip-hop mixtapes. However, what is hot in the news is the fact that this site is getting sued by major recording labels for offering free music downloads and mixtapes which are deemed illegal. There are counter accusations from their attorney. It is turning into a messy legal tussle.


The 10 sites mentioned above are 10 of the best places to get free downloadable music. Take note of all that was said about all the sites individually so that you will not run afoul of copyright music infringements. For a general take on all of the sites mentioned, you can log in to this site:

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